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  • June is Garage Door Safety Month

    As the largest opening into your home, the garage door plays a key role in our daily lives. Security and safety are paramount. Every year thousands of homeowners who probably didn’t give safety a second thought become injured in their garage or by their garage door. You and your family have a better chance of avoiding injury when you know the most common injuries and how to avoid them. Annual garage door maintenance by a trained technician is the best way to make sure there are no sudden breakdowns.

    4 Common Garage Door Injuries

    1. Fingers caught and crushed between door sections. Stay clear of the moving panels.
    2. Doors falling down. Never run under a moving door.
    3. DIYers injured while doing repairs or cleaning. Hire a qualified expert and stay out of harm’s way.
    4. Springs break, causing bodily injury. Hire a qualified expert and stay out of harm’s way.

    5 Garage Door Safety Tips

    1. Visual Inspection of springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys can catch trouble before a failure occurs.
    2. Test Reverse Action with a 2×4 board laid flat under the door. If the door does not reverse on its own at contact with the board, call us right away for a safety tune-up.
    3. Test Force Setting by standing outside the path of the door. Try to stop the door as it lowers. If it does not easily reverse, call us for a safety tune-up.
    4. It’s Not a Toy Do not let children play with transmitters. Push-button wall controls should be mounted beyond reach of little hands.
    5. Stay Away from a moving door to avoid fingers being caught and crushed between the door sections.

    Properly Ventilate Your Garage

    Proper ventilation in your garage can be a matter of life and death. Do not seal off your garage as you would the living areas of your home. Building codes require ventilation in the garage to allow for venting of poisonous gases and chemicals. Combustible material used and stored in a sealed off place can be explosive.

    Garage Safety

    • Tie up loose rope.
    • Hang ladders horizontally so children can’t climb into trouble.
    • Store chemicals and poisons out of reach of children and pets.
    • Unplug power tools.
  • Close Your Garage Door From Anywhere

    The OHD Anywhere® app integrated into the Overhead Door® Legacy® 920 garage door opener allows homeowners to monitor and control their garage door opener from anywhere using their Apple® iPhone or Android phone or device.

    “OHD Anywhere® can be installed with any compatible garage door opener, but this is the first time the controller and sensor have been fully integrated into a garage door opener making it much easier to program,” said Heather Meiner, Overhead Door Brand Manager.

    With OHD Anywhere®, homeowners can check if their garage door is open, closed or if there are any changes to the door position, as well as instantly know when someone is attempting to operate the garage door. Homeowners can also open the door for a delivery, maintenance professional or friends without needing to provide the access password to the garage. It can even keep a log of all uses of the garage door with dates and times.

    “Smart garage door products give homeowners more control over the largest entryways into their homes. Homeowners won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the garage door open all day because they can check the status through the smartphone app, and either close the door or set their mind at ease without having to turn around,” added Meiner.

    For pricing, click here to contact us.

  • New Home Boosts This Indoor/Outdoor Pool Space

    When it comes time to design an entertainment space in your new home, most consider a media room, or maybe a game room. The owners of this home chose a pool room. A literal POOL room.

    This indoor-outdoor recreation oasis is a place for friends and family to gather. Our Overhead Door™ team installed (4) glass garage doors so the space drinks in natural light that these doors provide all year round.

    A moat connects the indoor pool and the outdoor pool.


  • Women Customers Trust and Recommend Overhead Door™

    The Overhead Door™ Brand has earned the 2018 Women’s Choice Award® by WomenCertified® for ‘America’s Most Recommended National Garage Door Brand’ for the seventh consecutive year.

    “It is a privilege to once again be ‘America’s Most Recommended Garage Door Brand’ among women,” said Dennis Stone, President and CEO of Overhead Door™ Corporation.

    With women accounting for more than 85 percent of all consumer purchases in the U.S., the Women’s Choice Award seal allows customers to choose with confidence, knowing it’s a garage door brand women trust and highly recommend to family and friends year after year.

    The Women’s Choice Award is based on customer ratings and a national survey. With many choices consumers have for home improvement products like garage doors, the Women’s Choice Award helps to identify the best products and services available within a specific industry or product category.

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  • Overhead Door™ Brand to be Featured on Emmy Award-Winning This Old House

    Overhead Door™ Brand adds valuable curb appeal to a 139-year-old home featured on the 39th season of PBS’ Emmy award-winning This Old House.

    The show featured our Courtyard Collection® with Stockbridge windows in black with black trim installed in this new garage addition on the second-generation family home in Newton, Massachusetts. Originally built in 1879, the new owners are renovating the home.

    “The Courtyard Collection blends perfectly with the home’s traditional, classic exterior while providing a strong and durable steel door that will endure as the house continues to age,” said Heather Meiner, Overhead Door Brand Manager.

    Host Kevin O’Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, master carpenter Norm Abram, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, and landscape contractor Roger Cook are joined by apprentices to renovate the Massachusetts home and other projects, shining a spotlight on the value of jobs in the building industry.

    Overhead Door™ garage doors are a perfect pairing with popular home improvement and design television programs, as well as homes produced by national magazines, to illustrate to customers the impact a garage door can make on the curb appeal of a home.

  • Entry Door Home Run

    If your garage door welcomes home your prize possessions, then your front door welcomes your priceless possessions – your family.  The front door can also make or break your curb appeal.  After all, it is the focal point and a big part of the first impression when visitors arrive at your home.

    There are a few good reason to replace your aging front door: style update, better security, energy efficiency, noise reduction.  Recently, our customer chose a new door system for another reason.

    This “before” front door was the backstop at a baseball game played too close to “home”.  The overthrown ball missed its target and dove right through the decorative glass in the front door.  The first (base) line of defense was to see if we could get the replacement glass.  Unfortunately, the glass is no longer available.  The homeowner chose to have our team replace the entire entry door system.  The result (right) is this stunning French door with flat bronze hardware.


    We’re Not Just Garage Doors

    Our library of front entry doors is vast in design and function.  They are installed by highly trained craftsman who take pride in their work.  And you will, too.

    Questions to ask when choosing a door company:

    1. Do they provide a free, in-home estimate?
    2. Have they served in the door industry since 1926?
    3. Do they provide an industry-leading warranty?

    Overhead Door makes it easy to schedule a free, in-home estimate.  Just let us know when it is convenient for you and we will be there.

  • house-and-money

    #1 ROI In Home Improvement – New Garage Doors

    Both recent and long-term key trends indicate that curb appeal projects generate higher return on investment than work completed in the interior of the home. Compared to other upgrades, garage door replacement now ranks at the top in a recently released annual survey.

    Garage Door Replacement Offers the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

    Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report compares the average cost for 21 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale. In this national survey, garage doors rank #1 with the least amount invested and the highest return. Nationally, homeowners can expect up to a 98 percent return on investment for their garage door replacement, on average. Now that’s using your money wisely, AND making the neighbors jealous!


    Don’t wait until you are prepping to sell to make the improvement. Replace your garage doors now and enjoy your curb appeal while you still live there. Request a free quote today.

    Old or new, annual planned maintenance on your garage door system plays a big role in the efficient operation, safety, and the lifespan of the system. Schedule your garage door maintenance here.

  • National Ladder Safety Month

    National Ladder Safety Month: Ladder Safety at Home

    If your home has a garage, it is most likely the place you choose to store a step ladder. Reacquaint yourself with ladder safety at home in honor of National Ladder Safety Month.

    Next time you take the ladder out to change light bulbs or reach something from a top shelf, take care to use stepladders safely and avoid common ladder injuries.

    Proud supporter of National Ladder Safety Month | March 2018

    Prevalent Ladder Injuries

    Did you know that 136,118 emergency room visits per year related to ladder injuries?

    Compared to the following examples, chances are much more likely to be involved in an incident with a ladder.

    • 19,000 emergency room visits per year from high heel related injuries
    • 11,000 injuries per year from house fires
    • 3,736 emergency room visits per year from microwaves
    • 16 shark attacks per year in the US

    Take safety into your own hands by taking ladder safety seriously. Visit to learn more.

  • National Ladder Safety Month

    March is National Ladder Safety Month

    Ladder safety affects everyone. Whether at home or at work, you should take ladder safety seriously.

    Ladder Safety and How It Affects Everyone


    These numbers speak for themselves:

    • 2,000 ladder injuries happen every day
    • 364 deaths are caused by falls each year
    • The most common ladder falls happen between 6 and 10 feet off the ground

    How Do Most Common Ladder Accidents Happen?

    1. Overreaching
    2. Missing the last step when climbing down

    Avoid overreaching while using a ladder. You could lose your balance and the ladder could topple over, causing a fall.

    Be sure to use the last step when you climb down. Skipping over the last step could lead to a fall if you trip.

    For more information, visit

  • Envy™ Glass Garage Doors Reflect Good On You

    Overhead Door™ announces the launch of Envy™ – a contemporary full-view, all-glass garage door.

    The new Envy™ garage door by Overhead Door™ delivers a sleek, frameless door for an ultra-modern look. The ¼” glass panels attach to a hidden aluminum frame.  Available for residential and commercial, these custom-made doors modernize the exterior of a home or business.  They also provide a versatile option for room dividers and patio doors.

    Envy™ sustained rigorous safety and reliability testing, including exposure to extreme temperatures and user testing on homes.

    The glass panel door is available in five finishes, including Mirrored Gray, Mirrored Bronze, Translucent Black, Opaque White and Opaque Black.  The doors are custom made for openings 8′-18′ wide and 7′-14′ tall.

    Look for the Envy™ and other garage door collections by “The Genuine. The Original”, Overhead Door™.

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