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  • Garage Door Safety

    Garage Door Safety by the Numbers

    With summer upon us and the kids are home full-time, the garage door is getting more use. We want to remind homeowners of the possible dangers related to their garage door system. Your garage door is heavy, weighing anywhere from 100-600 lbs, so it is always a good idea to think about safety around this largest moving part in your home. Here are seven important tips when it comes to keeping you and your family safe around your garage door.

    Family Playing by Garage

    #1 It Is Not For Play

    The garage door and garage door openers are not toys, they should not be played with. If misused they can cause serious injury, or even death. Children should not be allowed to play around the garage door or the opening system.

    #2 Keep Your Eyes On The Door

    When you are opening or closing your garage door, keep the door in view the entire time it is in motion. This will allow you to ensure nobody, especially children or small animals attempt to enter the garage as the door is moving, which could lead to them being caught under the door as it closes.

    Garage Door in Motion

    #3 Stay Clear Of The Door In Motion

    When the garage door is moving up or down do not stand or walk under it. You should never try to race to exit the garage door as it as closing.

    #4 Know Your System

    Consult the owner’s manual for your garage door opener to make sure you know how to use the emergency release feature. You’ll need this to open the door if the electric opener goes down or you have a power outage without a battery back-up opener.

    #5 Visual Inspection

    Each month, visually inspect the door, springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys to check for misalignment or signs of wear. If you notice any problems, you should not attempt repairs yourself, but call a professional.

    Garage Door Inspection

    #6 Test Auto Reverse

    Each month, place a 2×4 board flat on the floor in the path of the door. When the door makes contact with the board, it should immediately reverse directions. If your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993, which is when the auto-reverse feature became a standard feature, you should consider replacement.

    #7 Call In The Professionals

    Annual maintenance helps ensure your door is in good working order. If the springs or cables are in need of repair, it is essential to seek a professional service technician. These items can be under immense pressure that when not working properly, could cause serious injury or death. If the garage door does get backed into, even if everything appears ok, it is a good idea to have it checked by a professional. The door could have a small misalignment, which could cause premature wear or a dangerous situation.

    View more safety tips and information here

  • Increase Home Value

    5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door in 2021

    Increase Home Value

    Increase Home Value

    Because it is relatively inexpensive, garage door replacement tops the list of home improvement with the best return on investment at resale. It has a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal and perceived value, especially if there are multiple doors facing the street. A new garage door practically pays for itself. According to Remodel Magazine’s Cost Vs Value report, the average payback nationwide reaches 94% ROI.

    Better Efficiency

    Create Better Efficiency

    If you can see daylight around your garage door frame when it is closed, that’s your energy dollars out the door. Warn out seals and whether stripping can let in the elements. A sealed garage door means better control of the temperatures in the garage and in the living space above. A new garage door with an R-16 insulation rating and a sealed opening will help pay for itself in energy savings.

    Increased Curb Appeal

    Increase Your Curb Appeal

    Let’s make the neighbors jealous. Today’s designs aren’t your Dad’s garage doors. You’ll be surprised at the combinations of materials, styles, and hardware available. Most manufactures even have an app that allows you to see door options on your home before purchasing, to help you choose. Don’t wait until you are selling to replace your garage doors, enjoy the new doors NOW.

    Decrease Noise

    Decrease Noise

    There are a few reasons your garage door is loud including loose, rattling track and warn rollers that jump, drag, or roll unevenly. While these may sound harmless, ignoring the issues for too long could damage your garage door beyond repair and may even damage the door opening. A new door along with smooth, noise cutting nylon rollers and new track will be music to your ears.

    Increased Safety & Security

    Safety and Security

    Your garage door plays a role in the safety and security of your family and your belongings. Have the peace of mind that your garage door will be dependable to open and close at all times of the day. Without proper care and maintenance, a garage door can get stuck in the open position, leaving your garage unsecure. Trust that a new garage door will be operating smoothly and keep your home safe.

    When you are ready to replace your garage door, Schedule Your Free Installation Estimate

  • Before and After Project

    Garage doors get a lot of use in our busy lives. The average residential garage door in America opens and closes about 1,500 times every year as families rush in and out for school, work, soccer practice and doctors’ visits. That is quite a workout — and over the years can eventually lead to cracked panels, chipped paint and worn-down parts.

    And of course, there’s your curb appeal. Depending on the design of your home, your garage door can make up a surprisingly large percentage of the face your house shows to the world. A damaged garage door can give your home an unsightly appearance instead of helping to brighten the neighborhood.

    Are you tired of your old garage door? Are you upgrading before you sell your home? Whatever the reason for replacing your garage door, you will find there are thousands of options in today’s styles, materials, and windows. Finish off the design with the perfect color to enhance the overall curb appeal and you’re the belle of the ball – well, the neighborhood!

    This BEFORE door is showing its age. This was the original builder-grade garage door that came with the house 14 years ago.

    Garage Door Before

    A recent exterior makeover called for something more dramatic. The plan for a midcentury vibe steered the homeowners toward this insulated flush panel door with clear long glass windows, stacked both horizontal and vertical. The AFTER garage door brings in lots of light and can’t help but bring up the curb appeal.

    Garage Door Before

    When you are ready to find your new garage door and increase your curb appeal, Schedule Your Free Installation Estimate

  • Increase Your Curb Appeal

    Curb Appeal and ROI with a New Garage Door

    Curb appeal: the first impression for others and the comforting view when you pull up to your home. Curb appeal describes how attractive your home looks when a potential buyer views it for the first time. It can also apply to how the neighbors complain about the eyesore down the street.

    Increase Your Curb Appeal

    This past year, the pandemic brought people together – at home. As a result, home projects continue to be on the rise across the country and, maybe on your street. The residential home service industry still recognized new residential garage doors as one of the most important investments for curb appeal. In fact, garage door replacements ranked at No. 2 for the highest return on investment (ROI) for household renovations according to the 2020 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Last year’s study concluded that U.S. homeowners who chose to replace their garage door saw an average of 94.5% ROI at resale. In select markets, that figure went as high as 132.7%.

    It is widely agreed that all home remodel projects can enhance the look of your residence. But, depending on the project, the return on your investment (ROI) is not always the same. It is important to do your homework before you decide where to put your money. Will you stay in the home for several more years? Are you making upgrades to add value for the sale of your home?

    Today’s garage door styles and materials can provide better energy efficiency, which lowers your heating and cooling bills. So whether you are selling or just tired of looking at the old, outdated garage door every time you return home, it’s hard to argue against a new garage door with this much impact on your curb appeal AND your Return on Investment.

    When you are ready to find your new garage door and increase your curb appeal, Schedule now

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  • Overhead Door Envy Model 956 Mirrored Glass

    5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Garage Door

    When searching for the right garage door, you’ll have several decisions to make – the fun ones like what color and what hardware, and the less interesting, but important, R-Value. It’s not all about aesthetics. The right garage door can directly benefit your bottom line. According to Remodel magazine’s Cost Vs Value Report, you can expect on average up to 94.5% return on your investment.

    1. Material

    Today, steel is the most popular garage door material choice of homeowners. Steel doors can be insulated to be more energy efficient than wood doors and they are lower maintenance and usually less expensive than wood doors. Aluminum doors are typically the least expensive type of garage door and the most lightweight (and thus easiest to lift manually) but also the most prone to dents. However, aluminum has the advantage of being resistant to rust and corrosion, giving it an advantage in coastal regions. Natural wood doors need to be repainted or re-stained every few years and they can be more costly compared to steel and aluminum doors. However, the warmth and beauty that wood garage doors can bring to a home is undeniable!  

    2. Design

    There are thousands of combinations of design, material, windows and hardware. A garage door plays a major part in your home’s curb appeal. It alone can set the tone for the style of your home. Choose a design that fits the current elevation, or take it from traditional to modern with a sleek glass panel garage door like the “Envy” by Overhead Door™ (below).

    Overhead Door Envy Model 956 Mirrored Glass

    3. Energy Savings – R Value

    The higher the R-value of the garage door, the greater the insulation value and energy efficiency. This is something to consider if you have living space above the garage. When the garage door helps keep out the hot and cold air, your living space above can be more comfortable. It’s also a consideration if you spend time in a garage work space like a wood shop. Generally, the higher the R-value of the door, the higher the price. So your need for a well-insulated garage door should be weighed against the extra cost.

    4. Use an online visualization tool

    When you begin your search, visit a dealer showroom to get a sense of how different door styles and construction materials actually look and feel. Once you know what you like, it can be helpful to experiment with an online visualization tool, like Mobile DoorView from Overhead Door™. Here’s how it works: After uploading a photo of your home to the site, you can see how different garage door designs (and different combinations of windows, colors, and hardware) look on your home. Tools like this make it easier to arrive at a final decision and add a bit of fun to the process.

    5. Trusted Company – Warranty

    Your new garage door is only as good as the company and the installation team. Research the reputation and reviews of a few companies. Some use third party subs for installation. Make sure you choose a company with a good reputation, employs their own installers, and will be around to service after the sale and stand behind the warranty.

    When you are ready for your free in-home estimate, Schedule now

  • Technician Takeover: Enrique Turpin

    2020 brought us many hurdles to work through and our field staff never lost sight of their priorities. Thankfully, some things never change. Our technicians and installers did not lose their passion for working with our customers. They continued to enjoy installing new garage door designs and repairing garage door systems. We pride ourselves on our installers and technicians being professional experts in the door industry. What we don’t always get to see is how much they enjoy working with our homeowners and bringing ease and happiness to their homes.

    We walked and talked with one of our seasoned field technicians to get a look inside his typical day and what drives him to succeed.

    The day in, day out monotony of a job can sometimes get the best of people — but for Enrique Turpin, being a residential installer solves that problem. We pride ourselves on our installers and technicians being professional experts in the door industry. What we don’t always get to see is how much they enjoy working with our homeowners and bringing ease and happiness to their homes.

    Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

    “I enjoy the customer interaction, being able to work in a different place everyday, getting to see the different parts of town.”

    -Enrique Turpin

    Enrique Turpin, Residential Installer – 8 years

    How did you get started in this industry?

    Enrique: I had a friend whose father worked here and he asked me if I wanted a job and that was that.

    Why did you choose install over service?

    Enrique: I chose residential install particularly because that’s what they interviewed me for, but even if I had the option to go to another department I would stay. I enjoy the customer interaction, being able to work in a different place every day, getting to see the different parts of town. And the monotony is broken up each day which is great.

    What is your favorite type of door? Your favorite series?

    Enrique: I’ve never been asked that question before. Hmm…the 190 series – insulated, steel front and back door.

    Why this series?

    Enrique: Ease of install and I seem to get the best reaction out of customers as far as happiness goes.

    Why should homeowners choose us over another company?

    Enrique: Well, when you consider Overhead Door™ over another company you know you’re going to get professionalism, a high-quality product, you’re going to get your warranty, and you’re paying for more than a name. You’re paying for service and peace of mind.

    What is the biggest and/or most fun install you’ve ever done?

    Enrique: The biggest install I’ve ever done is a 14’x14’ door that weighed over 1,000 lbs. It was a huge house, but this was the door for the RV to go in. It was one of seven garage doors at the house.

    Why do most homeowners get a new garage door?

    Enrique: Most get one to improve the look of the house, improve the efficiency of insulation and spice things up when it comes to functionality. Stuff gets old and the new door makes your house look a lot better.

    If a homeowner has been holding off getting a new door for a while, what would key factors be that they should look at to get a new door?

    Enrique: Just the functionality and safety. That’s probably 90% of the reason people replace the door, because they don’t actually WANT to replace the door since it is a higher cost. Safety though, people with children, elderly people and ease and accessibility for people to get in and out of their home. And then there’s obviously the other spectrum, where people are looking to jazz it up a little bit.

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  • 3 Clues Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring

    If you have an electric, remote controlled garage door opener, you have springs. And this means you have springs that can break. The torsion spring, directly above the closed door, provides 100% of the lift needed to raise the door.

    Winter is coming, so consider this – when the weather gets cold many of us feel it in our bones… we get stiff and move slower. And so does steel. The garage door torsion spring is steel, coiled under great pressure, sitting quietly overnight in your cold garage. Yep… that loud bang you heard is your spring or springs breaking!

    Here are 3 ways to detect you need to call a repair technician:

    1. Quick Closing

    Your garage door should close quickly, but in a smooth, controlled fashion. It should not crash to the ground.

    1. Uneven Opening

    The door with extension springs has a spring on either side to pull it up by evenly distributing its weight. However, if one spring is failing or broken, you’ll likely notice one side of the door tilting downwards. This situation occurs because only one spring can hold the weight and the damaged side can’t pull the door up. Without prompt action, your garage door can become stuck in its tracks.

    1. Loud Noise

    Damage can occur in a stationary position as the spring unwinds on the door mechanism or breaks. When it snaps, the resulting crash of the door is usually loud enough to be heard outside the garage.

    If a spontaneous Spring Break happens, it may be because one or both springs are aging, poorly lubricated, or corroded. Most types are designed to last for about 10,000 cycles (up and down), so if yours are approaching that threshold, maintenance becomes imperative.

    Annual maintenance will help keep the garage door springs clean and the door balanced which can help the system last longer. If you think your garage door has a broken spring, reach out to the team at Overhead Door™. For one low price, we will perform our fourteen (14) point maintenance tune-up and safety inspection on up to three garage doors and our twelve (12) point inspection on up to three openers.

    Schedule now

  • Follow the Leader

    Did you know we service and sell the most popular, trusted brand in America? Our attention to customer satisfaction is only second to providing superior products you can feel confident investing in. Our brand is easily recognized by its iconic Red Ribbon logo and “The Genuine. The Original.”

    Overhead Door™ Brand was recently recognized as the garage door brand with the highest ‘brand familiarity’ and the ‘brand used most’ as ranked by more than 1,000 respondents in the 2020 BUILDER Brand Use Study.  Additionally, Overhead Door™ Brand is also in the top three brands for garage door openers.

    “Overhead Door™ Brand has stood for product quality and expertise for almost 100 years. Our innovative products and trusted solutions have led our loyal customers to consistently classify us as a top choice in the industry. The Brand Leader distinction by BUILDER magazine is further evidence of this,” said Christian Morrow, brand manager for Overhead Door™ Brand.

    The survey gathered brand use practices and perspectives from respondents who ranked brands across 51 building product categories. The survey results suggest that product performance and desirable features are the top priorities for construction professionals when selecting building products. Other elements they consider important include warranty, availability, price and ease of installation. The complete list of brand use study winners is featured in this issue of BUILDER magazine.

    The leading garage door brand was also recognized, again, by the bi-annual Brand Leader awards from REMODELING magazine, receiving first place for highest overall quality in the garage door category.

    If you are considering a new garage door, consider this. The 2020 Cost Vs Value Report by Remodeling Magazine ranks a new garage door among the very top of remodel investments with the highest return – national average, 94.5%.

    To schedule your free estimate, give us a call or book online here.

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  • June is Garage Door Safety Month

    June is designated Garage Door Safety Month by the International Door Association (IDA). Your garage door is the largest moving piece of equipment in your home. We’d like to bring awareness to the dangers garage doors and openers may pose if not kept in safe working order. Here are some tips to help keep your family and home safe.

    1. Inspect and Test Your Garage Door Monthly
    A good preventative practice is to visually inspect your garage door monthly for any signs of wear and tear. Examine the garage door’s rollers, springs, cables, and pulleys. If you do notice damage, do not attempt to repair cables or springs yourself. These parts are tightly wound and under high tension. If they break free and strike someone, it can cause serious injuries. Always play it safe and contact us to inspect or repair the damaged parts.
    You should also test the garage door opener’s reversing mechanism monthly by placing a 2×4 board in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the board, call us for repair.

    2. Watch Fingers Between Door Sections
    If you have a garage door that opens manually, make sure to never place fingers between door sections. Consider adding pinch-resistant door panels to help prevent accidents.

    3. Do Not Allow Children to Play With Remote Controls
    Seeing as the garage door is often the heaviest and largest moving object in the home, it is important to keep the garage door remote controls out of the hands of children. The best practice is to mount the garage door opener control button at least five feet from the floor. At this height, it will be inaccessible to children and adults will have a clear view of the door.

    4. Don’t Leave the Garage Door Opener In the Car
    One of the most commons ways criminals break into someone’s home is by stealing the garage door remote from the car. Help prevent this by taking it with you whenever you leave your vehicle.

    5. Invest in Smart Garage Door Technology
    OHD Anywhere® is our application that allows homeowners to monitor and control the garage doors remotely via your smart phone. You can check if the garage door is open, closed, or if someone is attempting to operate the garage door without permission. It even offers the added security benefit of keeping a log of all uses of the garage door with dates and times. With OHD Anywhere®, garage doors will never accidentally be left open because you can check the status through your smartphone app and safely close the door – from anywhere!

  • A Message to our Customers

    Since 1921, Overhead Door™ has been a proud part of the communities we serve. As the day-to-day routines have changed in our homes and in our lives, you should know the safety of our customers and coworkers comes first.

    Your continued trust in us to deliver valued garage door service is much appreciated. We are immensely proud of the talented professionals in our office and those working diligently in homes. We appreciate our coworkers who continue to show up to service the needs of our customers – doing what we do so you can keep doing what you do.
    We are closely following the guidelines of local and national health officials and the CDC in response to COVID-19. Our goal is to continue to serve you, while protecting you and your home. This means our field staff will:

    • Politely decline a handshake and keep a social distance upon arrival
    • Wear a face mask on every service call
    • Keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on hand at all times (and use them before and after every job)
    • Dispose of all trash, including used disinfectant wipes, in a trash can inside their vehicle
    • Regularly sanitize their vehicle door handles and steering wheel, equipment, tools, and keys

    See our complete corporate statement here.

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