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  • Follow the Leader

    Did you know we service and sell the most popular, trusted brand in America? Our attention to customer satisfaction is only second to providing superior products you can feel confident investing in. Our brand is easily recognized by its iconic Red Ribbon logo and “The Genuine. The Original.”

    Overhead Door™ Brand was recently recognized as the garage door brand with the highest ‘brand familiarity’ and the ‘brand used most’ as ranked by more than 1,000 respondents in the 2020 BUILDER Brand Use Study.  Additionally, Overhead Door™ Brand is also in the top three brands for garage door openers.

    “Overhead Door™ Brand has stood for product quality and expertise for almost 100 years. Our innovative products and trusted solutions have led our loyal customers to consistently classify us as a top choice in the industry. The Brand Leader distinction by BUILDER magazine is further evidence of this,” said Christian Morrow, brand manager for Overhead Door™ Brand.

    The survey gathered brand use practices and perspectives from respondents who ranked brands across 51 building product categories. The survey results suggest that product performance and desirable features are the top priorities for construction professionals when selecting building products. Other elements they consider important include warranty, availability, price and ease of installation. The complete list of brand use study winners is featured in this issue of BUILDER magazine.

    The leading garage door brand was also recognized, again, by the bi-annual Brand Leader awards from REMODELING magazine, receiving first place for highest overall quality in the garage door category.

    If you are considering a new garage door, consider this. The 2020 Cost Vs Value Report by Remodeling Magazine ranks a new garage door among the very top of remodel investments with the highest return – national average, 94.5%.

    To schedule your free estimate, give us a call or book online here.

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  • June is Garage Door Safety Month

    June is designated Garage Door Safety Month by the International Door Association (IDA). Your garage door is the largest moving piece of equipment in your home. We’d like to bring awareness to the dangers garage doors and openers may pose if not kept in safe working order. Here are some tips to help keep your family and home safe.

    1. Inspect and Test Your Garage Door Monthly
    A good preventative practice is to visually inspect your garage door monthly for any signs of wear and tear. Examine the garage door’s rollers, springs, cables, and pulleys. If you do notice damage, do not attempt to repair cables or springs yourself. These parts are tightly wound and under high tension. If they break free and strike someone, it can cause serious injuries. Always play it safe and contact us to inspect or repair the damaged parts.
    You should also test the garage door opener’s reversing mechanism monthly by placing a 2×4 board in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the board, call us for repair.

    2. Watch Fingers Between Door Sections
    If you have a garage door that opens manually, make sure to never place fingers between door sections. Consider adding pinch-resistant door panels to help prevent accidents.

    3. Do Not Allow Children to Play With Remote Controls
    Seeing as the garage door is often the heaviest and largest moving object in the home, it is important to keep the garage door remote controls out of the hands of children. The best practice is to mount the garage door opener control button at least five feet from the floor. At this height, it will be inaccessible to children and adults will have a clear view of the door.

    4. Don’t Leave the Garage Door Opener In the Car
    One of the most commons ways criminals break into someone’s home is by stealing the garage door remote from the car. Help prevent this by taking it with you whenever you leave your vehicle.

    5. Invest in Smart Garage Door Technology
    OHD Anywhere® is our application that allows homeowners to monitor and control the garage doors remotely via your smart phone. You can check if the garage door is open, closed, or if someone is attempting to operate the garage door without permission. It even offers the added security benefit of keeping a log of all uses of the garage door with dates and times. With OHD Anywhere®, garage doors will never accidentally be left open because you can check the status through your smartphone app and safely close the door – from anywhere!

  • A Message to our Customers

    Since 1921, Overhead Door™ has been a proud part of the communities we serve. As the day-to-day routines have changed in our homes and in our lives, you should know the safety of our customers and coworkers comes first.

    Your continued trust in us to deliver valued garage door service is much appreciated. We are immensely proud of the talented professionals in our office and those working diligently in homes. We appreciate our coworkers who continue to show up to service the needs of our customers – doing what we do so you can keep doing what you do.
    We are closely following the guidelines of local and national health officials and the CDC in response to COVID-19. Our goal is to continue to serve you, while protecting you and your home. This means our field staff will:

    • Politely decline a handshake and keep a social distance upon arrival
    • Wear a face mask on every service call
    • Keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on hand at all times (and use them before and after every job)
    • Dispose of all trash, including used disinfectant wipes, in a trash can inside their vehicle
    • Regularly sanitize their vehicle door handles and steering wheel, equipment, tools, and keys

    See our complete corporate statement here.

  • When Should I Replace My Garage Door Rollers?

    The rollers on a garage door are attached to the door and roll on the tracks, allowing the garage door to open and close smoothly. Rollers are available in several designs. Certain roller designs have no ball bearings and tend to wear out rapidly and can tend to cause the garage door to bind or squeak really bad.

    For a quieter, smoother motion, nylon rollers with ball bearings inside the rollers are the upgrade option. The ball bearings can be an open design or a sealed bearing design. The open design with ball bearings should be lubricated about every 3-4 months to keep them working smoothly and quietly. Then warranty on these upgraded rollers will vary by manufacturer, but typically from 2 years to lifetime, again, dependent on the type of roller and bearing design.

    Garage door rollers should be inspected at least once per year and lubricated about every 3-4 months or twice a year at minimum. Keeping the rollers properly lubricated will prolong the life of the roller.

    Self-inspection can reveal any minor issue. You want to make sure the roller is firmly attached to the shaft and the roller should not wiggle or have play in it. If the roller wiggles or has play in it, then it is time to contact us to replace your rollers.

    The roller should spin freely on the shaft. If the roller is locked up, or feels or sounds like it is grinding, it is time to replace the rollers.

    You also want to confirm the roller is not cracked and that there are no chunks of rubber or nylon missing from the rollers. Replace as necessary.

    Annual garage door maintenance, lubrication and inspection can prevent expensive problems later. Rollers are fairly inexpensive, and good nylon rollers keep the doors running smooth and quieter.

    When you are ready for garage door maintenance, schedule here.

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  • Garage Door Replacement Ranks at the Top for Home Remodel Projects

    It is widely agreed that all home remodel projects can enhance the look of your residence. But, depending on the project, the return on your investment (ROI) is not always the same. It is important to do your homework before you decide where to put your money. Will you stay in the home for several more years? Are you making upgrades to add value for the sale of your home?

    Among several upgrades you can make to your home, Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost Vs. Value Report lists a garage door replacement second to the top in ROI. It stood at the top for the last 3 years. 2020 finds it at #2, still with an impressive 95% ROI.
    Today’s styles and materials can provide better energy efficiency, which lowers your heating and cooling bills. So whether you are selling or just tired of looking at the old, outdated garage door every time you return home, it’s hard to argue against a new garage door with this much impact on your curb appeal AND your Return on Investment.

    See the latest garage door styles here.
    Schedule your free in-home estimate here.

  • winter garage door tune up

    Winter Garage Door Maintenance

    Winter is when we see more garage door springs break and leave homeowners’ cars trapped inside or outside the garage. Long cold spells take a toll on your door system and older springs. Winter maintenance means we can catch potential issues before you have an inconvenient breakdown.

    winter garage door tune up
    A tune up can identify worn rollers and frayed cables to prevent future down time, and also allow spring tension adjustment, lubrication and force adjustments for a smoother, safer running door.

    Avoid inconvenience caused by a disabled garage door. Schedule your winter garage door maintenance today. Our expert technicians will make sure that everything is in working order, and they can spot any warning signs that indicate a part may fail in the future. The Winterization Tune-Up includes the items listed below. It is one price for up to three garage doors and opener systems in your home. Before the tune-up, our service technicians will discuss any noticeably visible repair/replacement issues with you.

    1. Review garage doors under a 14-point maintenance and safety inspection.
    2. Tighten or replace defective bolts and nuts.
    3. Lubricate rollers, pulleys and the whole drive mechanism on garage doors.
    4. Check garage door opener systems under a 12-point maintenance and safety inspection.
    5. Adjust electric door openers, tighten the chain and set limit switches.
    6. Lubricate the whole drive mechanism on opener systems.
    7. Up to two FREE replacement batteries for keypad or remotes – when needed.
    8. Inspect the weather stripping and garage door bottom seal.

    Prepare for the colder weather by having your door tuned up by one of our trained garage door technicians.

  • 5 Winter DIY Garage Door Tips

    Your garage door is your home’s largest moving part and one of the cold air’s primary routes into the home. Preparing your garage door for winter is an essential fall project for homeowners. Cold weather puts additional stress on your door springs and moving parts.

    Minor issues can be magnified after days of cold weather. Here are 5 tasks you can perform to help make your garage door safe and reliable through the winter. These do not replace annual maintenance by a professional.

    1. Inspect the rubber seal strip on the bottom of your door. Cracked and brittle rubber will allow the cold and wet to enter your garage. If you see trouble, replace it right away to keep the elements out of your home. For the DIYer, weather-stripping can be purchased at hardware and home improvement stores. Just cut to size and insert into the grooves. Put the wide angle of the flange inside the door.
    2. Fall weather brings sticks and leaves. Make sure the tracks on both sides of the door are clear of debris.
    3. Keep your garage door from sticking to the snow and ice. First, using a wet rag with soap and water, clean the bottom and the edges of the rubber seal at the base of the garage door. Spray a light coat of WD40 to the rubber weather strip. This will help keep the door from sticking to whatever the weather brings. Keep the WD40 away from all other parts of the door and brackets. This is not the product for lubricating the moving parts.
    4. Check the batteries. Batteries are not big fans of cold weather. Check the batteries in both the opener and remote control to make sure they have their full power. If the batteries are weak or dying, you should replace them to avoid winter breakdowns.
    5. Schedule you garage door maintenance with the experts at Overhead Door™. Annual planned maintenance is essential to the longevity and efficiency of your door system. Old, weak springs and all moving parts are under additional stress in cold weather. This is why we see far more breakdowns in the winter. Planned maintenance helps identify sources for possible trouble and help ward off an untimely emergency.

  • 5 Benefits to a New Garage Door

    INCREASE HOME VALUE – Homeowners face many home improvement projects through the years and must consider the benefits of each. Replacing the garage door offers an incredible return on your investment. According to the current Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a new garage door delivers the highest rate of return of all projects on the list – up to 98% ROI.

    ENHANCE CURB APPEAL – Your home gets one chance to make a good first impression—and it does so largely with its garage door. When did you notice the high-style designs of today are not your Father’s garage doors? With the addition of handles and hinges, the style and finish combinations are endless. Pair those with contemporary windows and prepare to make the neighbors jealous!

    HIGHER EFFICIENCY – The garage doors are the largest opening in your home and that invites hot and cold air inside. A well-insulated door can keep your unconditioned garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This temperature advantage can keep rooms above and next to the garage more comfortable year-round. That’s money saved on energy bills!

    HEIGHTEN SECURITY – Just like a security blanket for your home, a tightly sealed, properly working garage door gives you peace of mind. Perhaps the lock isn’t working right or it doesn’t close all the way. A new door can improve overall home security and bring you peace of mind.

    BETTER RELIABILITY – A working door you can trust will operate when you need it to translates into convenience. A busy family with jam-packed schedules needs to know the door will work when called upon. There is never a good time to find your card held hostage in the garage because the door won’t open.

  • JUNE – Garage Door Safety Month

    We love to celebrate! Unfortunately, this event doesn’t come with presents. Instead, it is a time to bring awareness to the potential dangers lurking in our garage. From hanging ladders to storing chemicals – there is a right way and a dangerous way. Follow these guidelines and help keep you and your family safe.

    5 Garage Door Safety Tips

    Visual Inspection of springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys can catch trouble before a failure occurs.

    Test Reverse Action with a 2×4 board laid flat under the door. If the door does not reverse on its own at contact with the board, call a trusted garage door company for a safety inspection.

    Test Force Setting by standing outside the path of the door. Try to stop the door as it lowers. If it does not easily reverse, call a trusted garage door company for a safety inspection.

    It’s Not a Toy Do not let children play with transmitters. Push-button wall controls should be mounted beyond reach of little hands.

    Stay Away from a moving door to avoid fingers being caught and crushed between the door sections.

    Properly Ventilate Your Garage

    Proper ventilation in your garage can be a matter of life and death. Do not seal off your garage as you would the living areas of your home. Building codes require ventilation in the garage to allow for venting of poisonous gasses and chemicals. Combustible material used and stored in a sealed off place can be explosive.

    Top Common Garage Door Injuries

    1. Fingers caught and crushed between door sections. Stay clear of the moving panels.
    2. Doors falling down. Never run under a moving door.
    3. DIYers injured while doing repairs or cleaning. Hire a qualified expert and stay out of harm’s way.
    4. Springs break, causing bodily injury. Hire a qualified expert and stay out of harm’s way.

    To assure garage door safety year-round, an annual garage door tune-up by a trained technician is the best way to avoid sudden failures that can cause injury. During annual maintenance, a trained technician will confirm the safe and efficient operations of all electrical and moving parts on the door and the opener. Bolts will be tightened or replaced. Springs will be adjusted and rollers, pulleys, and cables will be lubricated.

  • Anatomy of a Garage Door Installation

    An aging home needs work. So goes the roof, the windows and the garage doors. That’s where we come in – and out (door humor). From when to get new doors to choosing the right material and color, we will be by your side every step of the way.

    Here is a recent account of the entire process by Malika Bowling – one savvy, happy new garage door owner. Read on to learn how to choose the right contractor, what kind of bulbs are best in your garage door opener, and how to quiet that old, LOUD door. full article here


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