5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door in 2021

Increase Home Value

Because it is relatively inexpensive, garage door replacement tops the list of home improvement with the best return on investment at resale. It has a significant impact on a home's curb appeal and perceived value, especially if there are multiple doors facing the street. A new garage door practically pays for itself. According to Remodel Magazine’s Cost Vs Value report, the average payback nationwide reaches 94% ROI.

Better Efficiency

If you can see daylight around your garage door frame when it is closed, that’s your energy dollars out the door. Warn out seals and whether stripping can let in the elements. A sealed garage door means better control of the temperatures in the garage and in the living space above. A new garage door with an R-16 insulation rating and a sealed opening will help pay for itself in energy savings.

Increased Curb Appeal

Let’s make the neighbors jealous. Today’s designs aren’t your Dad’s garage doors. You’ll be surprised at the combinations of materials, styles, and hardware available. Most manufactures even have an app that allows you to see door options on your home before purchasing, to help you choose. Don’t wait until you are selling to replace your garage doors, enjoy the new doors NOW.

Decrease Noise

There are a few reasons your garage door is loud including loose, rattling track and warn rollers that jump, drag, or roll unevenly. While these may sound harmless, ignoring the issues for too long could damage your garage door beyond repair and may even damage the door opening. A new door along with smooth, noise cutting nylon rollers and new track will be music to your ears.

Increased Safety & Security

Your garage door plays a role in the safety and security of your family and your belongings. Have the peace of mind that your garage door will be dependable to open and close at all times of the day. Without proper care and maintenance, a garage door can get stuck in the open position, leaving your garage unsecure. Trust that a new garage door will be operating smoothly and keep your home safe.

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