5 Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Door in 2023

A garage door has a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Whether you are upgrading to match modern design trends, or yours finally met its demise, here are 5 things to consider when buying a new garage door.

In-person quote

If you order your garage door online or over the phone, you are asking for problems. There are several things to consider like side clearance, headroom, opening size and shape. The in-home estimate should always be free so go ahead and invite a trained expert out to give recommendations and an accurate quote they will stand behind.


Climates with high swings between cold and hot temperatures will demand a garage door with more insulation. The insulating effectiveness of a garage door is its R-value. The larger the number, the better it insulates. If your plan is to save energy and keep your garage warm, it's worth spending 15 to 20 percent extra to upgrade for higher R-value.

Replace the opener at the same time

There are a few good reasons to go ahead and replace the old opener at the same time. The opener will eventually fail. The opener can be replaced by the same team installing the garage door, so this is a good time to negotiate a package deal for both. The opener and door work together to complete the door system and if you want a quiet moving garage door, the opener plays a big role.

Heavy duty springs

Springs help the door go up easily and come down slowly. When the door is down, the wound tension is energy waiting for the next cycle. This constant tension plus daily ups and downs are what limit the life to an average of 10,000 cycles, or 5 years.  It’s worth a few extra bucks to upgrade to beefier springs rated for 20,000 cycles – twice the life as the standard grade.


Your garage door rollers are at the heart of a quiet, smooth running garage door system. Common metal rollers are loud and eventually dent and rust. Be sure to ask about smooth, quiet nylon rollers. These rollers are a game changer and just a few dollars more, or maybe if you ask nicely, they will include them for no upcharge.


See your new garage door on your home before installation day. You don’t have to guess what your choice of design and color will look like on your home. Using manufacturer’s software, upload a photo of your home and start discovering your options today! Click here to begin.

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